Wood: Red Oak
Design: Doug Stowe (“Basic Box Making” Taunton, 2007)

Woods: Spalted Maple, Cherry, Maple, Brown Walnut, White Oak, Birdseye Maple
Design: David M. Freedman (“Box-Making Basics” Taunton Press, 1997)

Cherry and maple keys with basswood lid and chip carving. 2021

Woods: Maple, Brown Walnut, Peruvian Black Walnut, Cherry, White Oak, Purpleheart
Design: David M. Freedman (“Box-Making Basics” Taunton Press, 1997)

Wood: Flame Cherry
Design: Doug Stowe (Crafting Beautiful Boxes with Inlay Techniques. Taunton, 1997)

Woods: White Oak, Peruvian Black Walnut, Red Oak, Padauk, Sycamore, Poplar
Inspired by David Picciuto at

Sycamore with ebony keys and birch (stained) top. 2021

Bandsaw Boxes – Cherry, Walnut
Design: Lois Keener Ventura. Building Beautiful Boxes with Your Band Saw. (Echo Point, 2015)
These boxes were made for personal use or given as gifts

Chip carved basswood – 2021
Pattern design adapted from Lora S. Irish (

Grace’s Jewelry Box. Walnut, sycamore, maple, and mahogany. 2021
Design by Doug Stowe. (Basic Box Making. Taunton, 2007)

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