Come, Heavenly Fire (2002)

Come, heavenly Fire!
Refine the ore of our humanity
Fouled by Adam’s rebel dross
Consume what mars divine reflection,
Image of the Son emboss.

Come, heavenly Fire!
Flame beneath the Holocaust
“Father, where’s the lamb for sacrifice?”
Behold the Lamb! Behold the Son!
Cross-shed Blood – our redemption price.

Come, heavenly Fire!
Light the path through parted Sea
Fiery pillar guide in desert darkness;
Rain on us a baptism flood;
Grant our lives your Name confess.

Come, heavenly Fire!
Spark the dimly burning wick,
Fan the faintly glowing soul
Lift the smoke of priestly prayer
Burnish lips with cleansing coal.

Come, heavenly Fire!
Gather, sanctify, enlighten, teach –
Burning bush aglow with holy fusion
Shekinah on Torah mountain
Rekindle hearts with Scripture passion.

Come, heavenly Fire!
Loosen languid tongues slow to speak,
Warm our Laodicean apathy
To unleash new predicates of praise
And preach the Christ in grand diversity.

©2019 William M. Cwirla