Welcome (1999)

Welcome – A Poem for Christmas Eve (1999)

Welcome little Promised One
Lying on bed of manger straw
Nursing peacefully on virgin’s milk.
Warrior, enmity-maker, serpent’s head crusher,
It’s your natal night, and we bid you welcome.

Welcome little Promised One
Virgin offspring, unspotted by Adam’s primal sin
Death-destroyer, darkness conqueror
Your weapon is the Word,
Your victory sign- a cross.

Welcome Sin-bearer,
Unashamed in Adam’s nakedness
Swaddled in our shame over trading fellowship with You
For a Lie that said we could be like You .
Yet you are not ashamed to be like us.

Who would have known to look at You?
So weak and helpless
That You are the ancient Promise?
Humanity’s Head and God’s image restored –
Mystery hidden, at last we see You.

Who would have known to look at You
Helpless at your birth
That You are Light and Life
Holding the cosmos in hands
Soon to be pierced for our transgressions?

Welcome Holy Infinite
Creator of the cosmos, Lord of all
Who left the brightness of heavenly splendor
To make your dwelling among us
And walk again with us in the cool of the day.

Welcome tender Lamb
Unblemished by our prideful arrogance,
Passover – by whose sprinkled blood we walk in freedom
Holocaust – sin-sacrifice for a sin-full world
Heel bruised for our healing.